Housing construction

Assistance in the construction and reconstruction of social energy-efficient housing for people, taking into account all modern needs, including the needs of the military state. Ensuring the development of modern urban infrastructure using all the latest approaches and means, which will contribute to the uninterrupted functioning of the economic life of the city and the stability of critical systems. Establishing cooperation and communication of the construction business and local self-government for the achievement of common goals and activation of business processes in Ukraine.

Education program

Promotion and creation of conditions for activation of the country’s economy through the attraction of foreign and foreign investments. The main and important subjects are small and medium-sized businesses, as the main driving force of the country’s economy. It is proposed to restore and change business models through the use of new innovative technologies, which will contribute to the search for new approaches in the rapidly changing world of business.

Social programs

Development of social programs to restore the educational process for educational institutions that were destroyed as a result of the war. Assistance in supporting innovative projects of gifted youth in areas such as the latest technologies, IT, science, and renewable energy. Participation in the development of state programs for the creation of orphanages and the adoption of children orphaned as a result of the war.

Aid to the military

Assistance in the implementation of national scientific and innovative projects aimed at the creation of high-tech industries in the field of medicine, the military-industrial complex, energy production. Participation in the creation and implementation of national high-tech parks and the rational use of natural resources.