About us

February 24, 2022 split the life of every Ukrainian into “before” and “after”.

We were forced to change…

We decided to live…

Having united, they began to create a new future!

We are a team of caring citizens of Ukraine who, from the first days of the invasion, united for a common victory and to help the military and civilians in solving their urgent needs.

During these months, we managed to help meet the needs of the residents of Kharkiv Region, Kyiv Region, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Mykolaiv Region, and Zaporizhia with medicines, food, hygiene products, clothing, bedding, animal food, and water.

For the military, we arranged the purchase of equipment that helps not only to fulfill their duty with dignity, but also to save lives. These include cars, thermal imaging and optical sights, monoculars, quadcopters, helmets, body armor and much more.
In addition to the logistical base, our volunteers began to help wounded soldiers in hot spots, namely, to transport wounded soldiers and provide them with qualified medical care.

We believe in the victory of Ukraine and are already preparing for the restoration and development of the state thanks to new modern tools and technologies. We plan to develop and implement high-tech innovative projects that will have a significant social and economic effect.